Tuesday, May 26, 2009

pure ecstasy

My very good friend and proposer into the Knights Templar, V, amongst his other work, tests high performance cars and does a write up in magazines.
Over the last year I have had the opportunity to join him whilst he test drives different cars, all sport and high performance. For example, 6 series BMW, S5 Audi, Audi R8, Ferrari 430, Porche 911... Etc.
Yesterday he asked me go round to his house to take photos of his new “ride”. I normally do his photo shoot for his articles.
So I arrive and find a red Ferrari 575 Maranello.

A cool R 4.3 million rand worth of pure ecstasy


V drove me to another friends house a few KM away, I did the shoot for him, and then he did the coolest thing. He tossed the keys at me and said I can drive back. I settled into the body hugging bucket seats, turned the key to hear an enormous roar. Flicked the paddle gear shift up to first gear and slowly exited the driveway onto the road. Pulled off with an almighty roar and before I knew it I was in third gear breaking for a stop street. I took it slow to V’s street, just enjoying the pleasure of driving this machine, and then as we got to his street, he said accelerate slowly to change to third. As I got to third gear, he said, “punch it” I did... FAN-FRIKKEN-TASTIC.

That power was awesome. I don’t know the technical details, but that power was something I had never experienced before. WOW. I stopped the car and had to sit and try calm down.

It even has its own brake calliper and custom made valve.


Jenty said...

Very cool Carl!

Avril said...

Oh ... WOW! Lucky you!! It suits you!! :)

lifeinjozi said...

I'm jealous!!!! i want to have a drive! :)

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Kathy said...

The last post was from me Kathy, dont know why it showed Daniella!!!