Monday, September 21, 2009

On Sunday Erin and I went...

... to Granny and Grampa house. With N still in hospital, I needed time away from home and Erin has been bugging me to go back to "Grwanny Avil" house. She really loves being there!
So we went, with her camera, and had the time of her life playing ball with Grampa and taking pics with Granny.

(smile granny)

(ooooh, whats that?)

(The object of interest in granny's garden)

("look Grwanny, there it is")

(if you can take a photo, so can I)


Kathy said...

Erin is so Cute. All the best for Nicole.

Avril said...

She took hundreds of photos!! She would sit down, then walk to the fairies .. take two photos then sit down again on the log. She did this over and over again!!!
(oh my goodness, I need to lose weight!)

Jenty said...

Oh LOL that's so sweet!