Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nicole decided to join me...

while I played golf yesterday at Benoni Country Club. After her 25 day ordeal in hospital, she really needed to get outside. The CC is a perfect place for her, as its peaceful and has an abundance of animals.
So i booked out a golf cart, I played and she took pics.

(sign at dam next to 10th and 18th fairways)

(The bird in question)

(lining up a putt)

(one of the many peacock roaming around)

(all together now... left, right, left, right....)

The club has a large amount of Springbuck and other types buck

(tired after a long morning outside)


Elaine said...

I'm really glad she went with you! It's good to be able to get outside! Everyone is dying to see you guys! Daniella can't wait to meet Erin. We had a fab time with them... I'm sad it's over :(

Jenty said...

Stunning photos! Love the peacocks! Glad she got out :) it's a great sign!

Avril said...

Lovely photos! So glad Nicole was feeling well enough to go with you - hope she didn't overdo it!