Friday, November 6, 2009

Over the weekend..

... we stayed with my good friend B and his wife N in Hout Bay. B was my Prac partner at Tech, so we go back a good 16 years, and at my wedding he did my best man speech... boy did he kill me there.

They have two daughters, one older than Erin and one just a bit younger. His oldest Daughter from a previous relationship joined us. On the Saturday B and I took a few of the kids from the neighborhood 'trick or treating".
Erin had an absolute ball, she dressed like Tinkerbell and was really loving the running from home to home getting lots of sweets.

(The two girls were inseparable)

(B oldest and youngest)

(As you enter Hout bay from Chapmans Peak side, you come across this leopard stature on the rocks)


Avril said...

Cute Tinkerbell!!! Sounds like she had an absolute ball! Nice to see B again after all these years!

Jenty said...

Can imagine how much fun she had