Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Golf day

I played golf today at Benoni Country club. What a wonderful course. Very well looked after, greens immaculate, except for the springbuck hoof marks on them.

(photo with cell phone)

There are a wide selection of different type of buck roaming free on the course, in fact there is not a single hole that you dont see a herd of them running around, or just standiing in the way. At no time do you see anyone on the course, thats how well spread out it is. Its a bit tough compared to the other courses in the area, but I played fairly well considering i had never played there before.

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Avril said...

That's amazing ... seeing herds like that! Not a bad photo with the cell phone. Glad you enjoyed your golf.
I notice you had problems with your spacing in the last post - I always do and always have to backspace the spacing when I edit. More spaces appear when new photos are downloaded (if I decided to add extra) - takes me ages to redo the spacing again! Maybe there's an easier way but I haven't found it!!!