Sunday, March 15, 2009

The great exodus

This weekend our very close friends Greg and Taneth Cox and our beautiful god daughter Kelly emigrated to Australia.
Greg is an experienced and excellent Advanced Life Support Paramedic and Taneth a Radiographer. Yet another scarce skill leaving the country as our country has NO IDEA how to look after it skilled workers.
Greg and Taneth are the god parents of our Erin, and I know that we will all miss each other’s company so much.

Greg and I first became friends a few years ago. I was working at Netcare 911 in Durban, having recently relocated from JHB. Greg moved down from JHB as well, and ended up on my shift. As colleagues and friends we became close and then our friendship extended to his wife Taneth, whom he married only a month after the move. Our friendship continued with me moving to ER24 and then back to JHB. In fact, it has been one of the closest friendships I’ve ever had.
They came to JHB from Durban this last week to say goodbye and fly out, and Erin and Kelly really had a good time playing.
Kelly is four, a cute tiny little one, who is not much taller that Erin.

They are moving to a town about 1000 km from Brisbane, on the Great Barrier Reef, how cool is that.
We went to Australia in Jan 2006 for 2 ½ weeks, one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. I certainly wanted to move there after our visit.

Then we have the Kerfoots. Andy was a fireman at the time I was working at Benoni Fire. Many years later we ended up working together back in Benoni, him at ER24 and me at Glynnwood hospital. An excellent rescuer and fireman who is taking his family and talent to Perth. His oldest daughter, Keena, goes to the same playschool as Erin, and there youngest, cute little Gaby, is under a year old.


Jenty said...

Saying goodbye to friends is the worst! wish them all the best!

Kathy said...

Lovely photos Carl. Erin is such a cutie pie. So sad that such experienced people are leving the country. Love your blogg site.

Avril said...

Very sad saying goodbye. Keep in touch and the distance won't seem so far. Love the photos! Kelly is so cute!!