Sunday, June 21, 2009

The fever has broken

Finally, yesterday the fever broke. On Wed, our little Erin was feeling a bit under the weather, starting to get a temperature, had a temp of 38.4 on Wed night, so we decided on Thursday not to send her to play school. She went to spend the morning with Granny Ally, as I was playing golf.

I was playing such an awesome game, and as I teed off on the 17th at Benoni lake, N phoned and said that Erin is very flat and the maybe I should take her to the Hosp. I left immediately, without finishing the game. 2 par 4's to go, if i had par'ed them i would have scorted 83, my best score ever... and picked her up. I took her to the Glynnwood casualty, fortunately working there, i didnt need to wait. her temp was 40.3. Whew that was high. We wrapped her in a luke warm towel, stripped down to just her nappy, bombed her full of meds, and hoped for the best.

Hour and a half later, the fever finally was broken, and we were able to take her home.

That night we fought with a resistant fever, up and down temps and a very very grumpy little girl.
friday she was still feverish and grumpy. Thank goodness sat it broke, and by today she was back to her normal playful and cute self


Jenty said...

My oath! 40deg!! Glad she's feeling better now

Avril said...

So glad she's better! Too bad about the golf but when a child is sick nothing else matters except them.
Love the photos especially you and Erin together!
My 'fever' also broke last evening - I wasn't hot just freezing (absolutely freezing!) so doc says that's why I didn't have a temp. I wore K Way tops and pants, jacket, scarf and blanket the whole weekend and still shivered! Have throat and sinus infection to add to that! Next year definitely going to have flu injections (doc says there are two - viral and bacteria (that's what the docs have) I will be first in the queue next year!