Wednesday, July 1, 2009

mousy blondy

a beautiful little girl... just turned three years old...mousy blonde blue penetrating eyes...soft unblemished skin. Wearing a pretty dress, stockings and jacket. Climbed in her uncles carto go on a shopping trip.
4 hours later she lay in bed, tube in place, ventilator oscillating up and down, up and down, brain continually swelling with the increasing intercranial pressure building up from all the bleeds. Her equally stunning 8 year old sister, and two other family members lyng in a mortuary van. Now in ICU under the best care possible, and all we can do is pray, and pray and pray.
I don't often cry on scenes, this one, I sat after she got to ICU and unashamably cried watching her. May the Great Architect be with her and her remaining family.


Avril said...

Oh Carl - how very sad

Jenty said...

Oh no Carl :(

Kathy said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and the little girl.