Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today my 2 and a half year old daughter...

... sent me to the naughty spot.
we have a naughty spot in our passage where we send her when she has been naughty, not listening etc.etc.
well today, we were playing and i accidently knocked her mouth with her hand. she wasnt too sore, just went to mommy and said that I was naughty, and then returned, stood in front of me and with a very cross face, said Im VERY naughty and i must go to the naughty spot. seeing as she would not accept my apology, and thinking this is hilarious, i obliged and went to sit in the aforementioned spot. She sat me down and sais that Im naughty and she will come and fetch me.... which she did a few minutes later. She told me to stand up, which i did (on my knees so i can look at her in her eyes). with a very serious face, and me trying desperately not to laugh, she wagged her finger at me and said that I was put here cause i was naughty, and I must say sorry. after i did, she said " now go say sorry to mommy".

Little copycat... this is exactly as we do it and say. We were all in stitches.


Jenty said...

LOL that's very cute, glad she's listening to you

Kathy said...

Too cute Carl, I can just picture it!!!!